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Our core facilities, offering specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, unique instrumentation and shared services, can help scientists at Rutgers and beyond break new ground.

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We developed manuals, videos and FAQs to better assist Rutgers users with navigating iLab. Available manuals include Faculty Users manual, Core Administrator manual, and Lab Members manual. Please click the links below to view the guides and additional resources.

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iLab Cores at Rutgers University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Analytical and Process Testing Facilities

Dr.Richard Haber rich.haber@rutgers.edu 848-445-4931
Biological Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

David Sleat sleat@cabm.rutgers.edu 8484459832
Biomedical Informatics Shared Resources (BISR)

Wenjin Chen, PhD chenwe@rutgers.edu
Biospecimen Repository and Histopathology Service

Dr. Gregory Riedlinger gr338@cinj.rutgers.edu
Cancer Prevention and Outcomes Data Support Shared Resource

Carolina Lozada, MPH lozadaci@cinj.rutgers.edu
Cellular Imaging & Histology Core

Luke Fritzky fritzklf@njms.rutgers.edu 973-972-4575
Center for Advanced Human Brain Imaging Research

David Zald david.zald@rutgers.edu 615-306-9860
Center for Advanced Proteomics Research

Hong Li liho2@njms.rutgers.edu 973-972-8396
Confocal Imaging Core

Sarah Johnson sarahsm@rutgers.edu 856-225-6385
Genome Editing Shared Resource

Peter Romanienko, PhD pjr110@cinj.rutgers.edu 7322355978
Genomics Center

Molecular Resource Facility mrfadm@njms.rutgers.edu 973-972-2625
HGINJ Imaging Core

Zainab Tanvir zainab.tanvir@rutgers.edu 848-445-1830
High Field NMR

Dr. Seho Kim seho@chem.rutgers.edu 848-445-5127
Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Ankit Saxena as4075@cinj.rutgers.edu 732-235-4270
Metabolomics Shared Resource

Xiaoyang Su xs137@rwjms.rutgers.edu 7322355447
Natural Products and Bioanalysis Core

Qing-Li Wu qlwu@sebs.rutgers.edu 848-9326238
Plant Tissue Culture Core Facility

Dr. Rong Di rongdi@sebs.rutgers.edu 848-932-6350
Research Pathology Services Core

Marianne Polunas RPh, PhD marianne.polunas@rutgers.edu Office: 848-445-1432; Lab: 848-445-1443
Rutgers Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW) & Analytic Services

CRDW Help and Support crdw_support@oit.rutgers.edu 848-445-1212
Rutgers University Animal Care (RUAC)

Central Administration ruac-info@research.rutgers.edu
Rutgers University Molecular Imaging Core (RUMIC)

Edward Yurkow yurkow@ored.rutgers.edu 848-445-1405
SEBS Core Facility

Michael Pierce mdpierce@sebs.rutgers.edu 848-932-6358
SoE Nanofabrication Core Facility

Dr. Ngwe Zin ngwe.zin@rutgers.edu 848-445-2009
Waksman Institute Shared Imaging Facility

Nanci Kane nkane@waksman.rutgers.edu

non-iLab Cores at Rutgers University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext