Biomedical Informatics Shared Resources (BISR)

Overview of Services

Cancer research continues to become increasingly data-driven, and many investigative studies at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey rely upon the analysis of multi-dimensional data sets, high-resolution imaging, next-generation sequencing, and other information-intensive technologies. The Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource addresses these challenges through high-throughput instrumentation, advanced data management systems, machine-learning technologies, high-performance cloud computing environments, and state-of-the-art supercomputing capabilities.

The overarching mission of Biomedical Informatics is to provide leading-edge data acquisition and analysis tools, computational informatics expertise, data analysis, and intensive training to foster advances in research and discovery in investigative oncology. The application of these activities to genomic data from patient samples is enhancing patient care and initiating and sustaining productive collaborations among Rutgers Cancer Institute investigators and throughout the clinical and basic research community.

To optimize the support we provide to our basic, clinical, and population science research programs, Bioinformatics is organized into the following sections:

  • Computational Imaging
  • Clinical and Research Information Technology (IT)
    • Contact: Kevin Meehan, Associate Director Information Technology - Clinical
  • Chemical Informatics and Drug Discovery
  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 


David Foran, PhD, Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

     195 Little Albany Street
     Room 3521
     New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Links and Resources

  1. Biomedical Informatics Website
  2. Rutgers iLab User Manuals
  3. iLab Video Tutorials
  4. iLab FAQs


Additional Links and Resources

If we shared the images with you via, please download the entire folder (not individual files) as one zip file, UNZIP this file (not individual files inside) to ensure all files and file structure remain intact before opening.

Olympus Olyvia is a free viewer software for our digitized whole slide specimens. 



Name Role Phone Email Location
Wenjin Chen, PhD
Director, Academic Computing

Ying Chen, PhD
Manager, Biomedical Informatics

Kevin Meehan
Associate Director Information Technology - Clinical