Plant Tissue Culture Core Facility

Overview of Services

Plant tissue culture is important for plant micropropagation, making clones of a plant and providing disease-free germplasm to growers, and for the production of transgenic and gene-edited plants.  Transgenic and gene-edited plants have been instrumental to study plants in cell biology, molecular biology and plant pathology, and important to agriculture by providing abiotic and biotic stress tolerance, nutritional enhancement and assisting breeding.  The Rutgers Plant Tissue Culture Core Facility provides services for micropropagation of plant species for external and internal requests, providing expertise and limited services for production of transgenic and gene-edited plants for internal requests.


Dr. Rong Di | Associate Research Professor |

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm                 

59 Dudley Road

Rm222 Foran Hall

New Brunswick, NJ 08901 

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Rong Di
Rm222B Foran Hall, SEBS
Rosa Moore
Business Specialist
Rm380 Foran Hall, SEBS