HGINJ Imaging Core

Overview of Services

Welcome to the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey (HGINJ) Imaging Facility at Rutgers University! We are located in the Life Science Building on Busch Campus. The Imaging Core was established in early 2007 and has been providing members of the institute and the Division of Life Sciences community with access to a broad range of imaging instruments to serve many microscopy applications: from routine brightfield/histological sample imaging to epifluoresence, laser scanning confocal, STED super-resolution, multispectral, live imaging and FLIM (fluorescence lifetime imaging). The facility also offers IMARIS image analysis software for use, 3D-reconstruction, and advanced segmentation analysis. We provide consultation on choosing appropriate equipment for particular imaging needs, as well as training users with the goal of independent use. Please check our instruments for details and contact Zainab Tanvir (zainab.tanvir@rutgers.edu) and Karen Schindler (ks804@hginj.rutgers.edu) for more information.


Zainab Tanvir, Ph.D. | Imaging Director | zainab.tanvir@rutgers.edu

Karen Schindler, Ph.D. | Faculty Director |ks804@hginj.rutgers.edu

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8am - 4:30pm


7 days/wk for trained users         

145 Bevier Rd.

Piscataway, NJ 08854



Links and Resources

  1. Rutgers iLab User Manuals 
  2. Rutgers iLab Video Tutorials 
  3. Rutgers iLab FAQs
  4. https://hginj.org/facilities/imaging


Name Role Phone Email Location
Zainab Tanvir
Imaging Director
Nelson B307
Joe Francis
Program Coordinator, Billing
Nelson B422
Mitu Pati
Senior Executive Director, Billing/Finance
LSB 120
Matthew Zven
Academic Admin
LSB 130
Karen Schindler
Faculty Director
LSB 222