Biospecimen Repository and Histopathology Service

Overview of Services

The Biospecimen Repository and Histopathology Service is a shared resource of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey that supports transdisciplinary and translational research through cost-effective, quality-controlled targeted biospecimen procurement, processing, storage, histology and immunohistochemistry. The BRHS has been a CAP accredited biorepository since 2018 and follows all best practices as dictated by their guidelines.
The Biorepository Lab supports biospecimen banking and basic science through a seamless targeting, acquisition, cataloging, processing, storing, and distribution pathway. Patients are consented by BRHS Research Coordinators to our institutional clinically annotated banking protocol, which provides access to patient clinical data via the Honest Broker and the data warehouse. The BRHS maintains the chain-of-custody and link for all de-identified samples. Our frozen and ambient retrospective bank holds aliquoted biospecimens for purchase by Rutgers researchers with approved protocols.
Our Histopathology Laboratory offers state-of-the-art technologies for basic science tissue analysis supported by board-certified surgical pathologists. This lab provides tissue processing/embedding, microtomy, cryotomy, tissue block scrolling and coring, routine and special staining and immunohistochemistry. We also have a TMA service and can perform multiplexing on our automated immunostainer.


Dr. Gregory Riedlinger

Interim Director

Dr. Zhongren (David) Zhou

Co-Director & Protocol PI

Joseph Rosenberg

Program Manager of the Biorepository

Kelly Walton

Program Manager of Histopathology

Katheen Dwyer

Program Administrator

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location
Biorepository M-F , 8-4:30  
Histology  M-F , 9-3 for new submissions Staffed M-F, 6:30 TO 6:00

195 Little Albany Street
room 2050 and 2035
New Brusnwick, NJ 08901

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Gregory Riedlinger
Interim Director

Dr. Zhongren (David) Zhou
Co-Director & Protocol PI